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Los Gatos  |  El Rancho

The previously dark kitchen is transformed by new, larger windows above the kitchen sink, bright white countertops, and light wood floors. Pendant fixtures ground the island and add visual interest. Flat-front cabinets are easy to clean. The upper cabinets on the right meet the base cabinets, allowing for greater storage and eliminating the potential for clutter. Open shelving to the right of the sink provides easy access and the opportunity to display often used or favorite items. In the bathroom, gorgeous blue mermaid tile on the back shower wall is the focal point of this beautiful shower. Oversized subway tiles, installed vertically for a modern flair, also line the shower niche. Pearlescent floor tile complements the ocean theme. The primary bathroom is bright, modern, clean and open, a skylight and two clerestory windows almost make it feel like you are showering outdoors (a homeowner request). The glass shower surround maintains the open feel of the room and allows light to flood the space.

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