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Children's Discovery Museum

BCA is the partner architect to the Children’s Discovery Museum. Over the last decade, BCA has completed small ancillary projects as well as larger, more consequential projects. Because of their aligned visions, BCA provides services to the CDMsj on a partial probono basis.

Among the projects, BCA has completed the planning and entitlements approval for Bill’s Backyard, including the surrounding artistic cor-ten steel fence surround that provides a fundraising capability for the museum through donor signage. BCA Also designed and completed permit documentation for the CDM’s “Builder Building” a shop building in which CDM designs and builds their own museum exhibits. 

This project adds a 3,400 square foot workshop for the design and construction of the museum's nationally award-winning exhibits. A half-acre experiential eco-educational garden surrounds the new shop, with water collection cisterns, photovoltaic roof, and other sustainable measures. The project is funded by the Children's Discovery Museum Foundation and is supported by the City of San Jose and the Guadalupe River Parkway Conservancy. 

As CDM’s architect, BCA has provided numerous improvements over the last decade, including kitchen remodel, shop addition, Bill’s Backyard planning approval, fence design, and is currently working on a new phase of the rear yard area that will include a new entrance, program space, bathrooms, breakout spaces, interpretive exhibits, and a Fibonacci Garden! 

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